11/6/2016 – Lord’s day

The law says “do this, and you shall live.”
The gospel says “Christ has done it for you.”

What we need to hear everyday is the gospel of what Jesus has done for us. By hearing the gospel, we will have strength and joy to do what God has commanded us in gratitude. I have to know what I am in Jesus Christ to be sanctified with God’s strength. The gospel is like wind when you sail on a sailboat. The law is like a navigation. The law tells you where to go but it doesn’t move the sailboat. It’s the gospel that is like wind that gives you the power to obey the law. So the conclusion is that you need both the law and the gospel.
But further the law tells you how you fail to keep it perfectly (Different usage of the law). And by condemning you, it directs you to Jesus. It gives you joy and peace in Jesus who is perfect. It drives you to depend on Jesus who is the only hope and joy and comfort. “I have a natural tendency to hate God and neighbor.”

“How do you come to know your misery?”
“The law of God tells me.”
Romans chapter 1 through 3.

And this misery directs me to Jesus Christ who kept the law perfectly in my place. Apart from Christ, man is naturally God-hater. Apostle Paul prosecutes mankind in Romans 1:18-3:20. There is no gospel on Romans guilt section. When you open the bible new testament, it’s either law or gospel.

The law’s two functions
1. exposes our sin and drives us to Christ
2. tells how we ought to live as those who are in Christ

The two greatest commandments are not good news. Jesus is my hope. I’m looking to him to get into heaven. The law was given to show that we need a savior. Before the fall, there was no gospel. But the law doesn’t change your heart. The law is like the walls that keep a tiger. But the law can’t do anything. You need someone who is righteous. “Apart from Jesus Christ, God hates you and has terrible plan for you.” Apart from Jesus Christ, we have no peace with God. It’s impossible to preach the gospel without the law. ***Any commands in the Scriptures are the laws and any promises in the Scriptures are gospels.***
‘Isaiah 5 = gospel in the old testament’ ‘Genesis 3:15 = gospel’ ‘Genesis 12,15 = gospel’