Sermon note – Colossians

What is the gospel? What does it do to us?

The gospel is about good news for sinners that tell us who Jesus is and what he has done.
The gospel makes us saints by uniting us to Jesus Christ. It makes us bear fruit of faith, hope and love.

The whole mission in 4 chapters is to give us a vision of supremacy of Jesus Christ and deeper understanding of his sufficiency for salvation and christian life. Many Christians look beyond the gospel and turn to vain philosophy and add them to gospel. Elements of pagan religion to gospel and try to find spiritual experiences.

Christ is sufficient.

The gospel creates in us faith and love and hope. (v.3-5)

Paul always begin with thanking God for what the gospel is doing.

1. What is faith? What does it really mean? The meaning of biblical faith

-knowledge in the facts of the gospel of what Jesus has done.

-Belief in those knowledge

-Trusts in the gospel for one’s salvation (HC Q21)

Object of our faith is Jesus Christ. The one who was in history. v.15-19. Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word of Christ. Its Christ who we need. The supremacy and deeper understanding of Jesus.

2.What is love? Love is not sentimental and self-centered sinful thing.

Love is not a vague feeling, warm fuzzy emotion, though it can involve it.

Love is more of a verb than a noun. Love involves sacrifice, not easy, difficult, be willing to die for them. AGAPE. I’m a sinner and saint at the same time. I’m just as saint as much as everybody. Faith demonstrating in love. Faith receives from heaven, love gives on earth. Christian is a corporate life and we have  a responsibility to love each other.

Gospel is the power of God for salvation which includes your sanctification producing this faith,love and hope. Biblical ho