11/19/2016 – Sermon summary on Colossians 1:12-14

Sermon is by Rev. Mike Brown

Four things that God has already done for us Christians.
“What God has done for you lately?”
1.God has qualified you to be a saint (holy one).
We are qualified to belong to holy assembly of all those who are made perfect, righteous by Jesus Christ. The most difficult qualification is to become a saint. The standards of God to be meet. The righteousness that is as good as God’s righteousness. Because of the fall, we are automatically disqualified, sinning against God and neighbors. No one, except one that is Christ. The God-man who assumed human flesh, who met the whole qualification to be a saint. ‘We daily increase our guilt.’ By taking the righteousness of Christ and imputing to us, received by faith alone. God declares we are qualified. When Satan raises all of these accusations, God declares ‘qualified,’ for we have our mediator Jesus Christ.

2. God has delivered us from the domain of darkness.
The tyranny, control of darkness. Darkness comes in two forms. Intellectual and moral darkness. Light intellectually represents truth. Also moral light – purity and holiness. Through Christ we have deliverance. Sin is not our master and Satan is not our Pharaoh anymore. Deliverance – old testament background of Exodus 6. God has delivered

3. God has transferred us to the kingdom of his Beloved Son.
The joy of being transferred.
God is no longer my judge, he is my Father, Father in heaven. 4

4. Lastly, we have redemption, the forgiveness of our sins.
Redemption: buying slave out of slavery, buying somebody out of a position which requires a purchase (redemption price). Jesus paid the great price. We had a dept that God couldn’t cancel out, we couldn’t pay, It was paid by Jesus. It was finished (paid in full). Not one sin, that I committed stands against us Christians. Paid in full. The price is paid in full. The price of death which is signified through the blood of Jesus Christ.

In sum, what God has done is Christ. We have Jesus Christ. Sparing us, and sending him to save our lives. Resting happiness on things of the earth is vain. He is not saying ‘be thankful for things that are given to you on earth.’ Rather, the Holy Spirit is saying, focus on things that are unseen.