Sermon note – Jonah 3

Sermon is by Rev. Mike Brown of Christ URC in Santee.

Jonah – the worst qualified prophet. Loser, failure who disobeyed God. why God did choose him?
God can use anybody, he doesn’t need Jonah, but he chose him to do mighty work of God’s grace in his heart. Likewise, we are losers and failures and God shows his grace again and again.
Jonah – proud of being Israelite, self righteousness.
This book is about prophet himself unlike other prophet books.
God gives Jonah a second chance. God does not hold grudge against us. We are a lot less merciful and patient than God. Because of bitterness and grudges we hold, we say I’m done with you. But God is fully committed to us through the covenant of grace.
Jonah still needs more. Still disqualified. But still God uses Jonah.
Consequences for the sin. God continuing to show his mercy to Jonah.
“You hurt me, I’m done with you.” He placed all his grudges in his Son. His business is to save us now. God removes our sin, and welcomes us again and again every time we realize the only hope is to turn away from ourselves.
+Now God works in Nineveh people’s hearts. Repentant people.
Nineveh was the capital of evil empire, the most powerful city on the earth built on brutality, and evil of the Assyrians. Jonah’s disdain and hatred against Nineveh.
Our God is good, he is preparing us for heaven.
Word did the work. And reaches the king, merciless, ruthless king of Nineveh.
“Who knows?” You bring my message to the whole world. We don’t get to decide who will get mercy or not.
2 Cor 5. We are all like Jonah.