After hearing Rev. Mike Brown’s sermon, I start to think differently on the seriousness of my sin. I start to have a different perspective when I think about the death of Jesus Christ and salvation that I enjoy in him. Before, I used to take God’s salvation for granted. As going to church and hearing the gospel message become usual routine, I think I lost sense of the magnitude of God’s blessings bestowed upon my soul. Especially, I forgot that God is a just and righteous God who requires every sin to be punished according his law. The Heidelberg Catechism perfectly puts in answer to 10th question, that “God’s justice demands that sin committed against his supreme majesty, be punished with the supreme penalty–the eternal punishment of body and soul.” This implies that I always have to remind myself of the Lord who paid the claims of God’s justice. Christ had to be punished with the supreme penalty in our place, which is the eternal punishment of body and soul. Indeed, there was, is, and will be no one who can fully pay this debt we owe to God. This is because we are not only able to endure God’s judgment but also we rather increase our debt daily by sinning as a result of inherited original sin and pollution thereof. However, there is no one on this earth who can bear the weight of God’s wrath against sin. That is exactly why in assigned time, my Lord Jesus Christ assumed human nature and was born as the true God-man who had these two divine and human natures in one being. In this way, Lord could bear through his divinity the eternal wrath of God in his humanity so as to restore to us and earn for us the righteousness and life.
In application of this gospel to my soul, I always remember that Jesus had to pay the debt of the consequences of my sin, which is eternal damnation in hell. Since, just God is satisfied with the atonement of his Son, I can therefore be accepted by God and declared righteous by God. When we make love of God the most important thing of the gospel, and lose sight of God’s justice, we really make God’s grace cheap. The greatness and glory of God’s wondrous works of redemption would be belittled if we consist on holding fast only to God’s love and believing that he would cancel out any sins without punishment. God is glorified through the cross on which his justice and love coexist in his Son and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.