As hours pass by and days go by, it is so easy for us who live in temporal world that we lose sight of what is eternal and what is really important. Far often, we are so bound up with earthly matters that we pay no attention to heavenly matters. It is only when we are truly aware of the gospel and the knowledge of God’s will, that we can live this life with joy, peace, self-control and purpose. After all, out lives, we do not live to ourselves but to the Lord, who lived and died for us to be our Lord. Every decision we make, every minute we spend, do we really base all of our living based on the relationship we have in Jesus Christ? Do we really live this life to glorify God? Do we always focus our eyes on him? How sad and sinful that we cannot but say no we do not live like that. Father I once again repent how much I’m lacking of self-control that I live Godless life and do not trust upon thee through my whole day. I ask for your forgiveness in thy Son Jesus Christ who alone is my salvation and redemption. Day by day, until the perfection of my body and soul comes, I pray Lord that you may sanctify me to be prepared and ready for the eternal heaven where my holy and righteous God dwells.  We need you more and we seek you and hope to find you more fully through the illuminating and Christ-glorifying work of the Holy Spirit. Life eternal is to know one and only true God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent. For us who are created in your image to enjoy and glorify God forever, Jesus is all we need for in Christ, we can have that spiritual blessings and fullness coming from God. Lord is the very image of the invisible God. Everything we ever need, we ever get hungry or thirsty for, Christ provides us with his true body and blood. Those things that all human kind so wholeheartedly longs for and desires for are found in all that God has to offer to us freely by his infinite grace. Affection, acceptance, freedom, and validation we enjoy these in fellowship with our great elder brother Jesus Christ. Once again thank you for your blessing Lord and I pray that you keep reminding me of these things through ordinary means of grace. In Jesus name,Amen.