I read the first chapter of Galatians today. And these are some of the things I have learned. First of all, Jesus Christ gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age. One thing to note is that Jesus did this according to the will of our God the Father. This salvation I enjoy in Jesus is all planned out by God the Father, and throughout history, God accomplished all of his promises concerning our salvation in Jesus Christ. And, God the Holy Spirit applies this work of redemption within me. And, notice how God the Father is our God and Father. God the Father adopted us in Jesus Christ and we can call him as our Father and as our God.
I also learned that there is no other gospel than the one which is already preached to me through the Holy Scriptures. There always has been an attempt to distort the gospel throughout the church history. In fact, this sinful tendency of men to distort the gospel has not ceased until now. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the apostle Paul clearly declares that anyone who is preaching the gospel contrary to the one he preached be accursed.
He stresses out that his gospel is not man’s gospel. It is not conceived by man but rather he received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ.