Luke 1:1-4 Sermon note

1.what did Luke attempt to write?
2 how did he seek to write it?
3. why did he write it?

1. Hitory
-Historical facts-orderly account of life death resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ (main events of Jesus Christ)
-presents Christianity as history
-not as a series of ideas or philosophy or economic political theory or way of life
-presents Christianity first and foremost as truth claims about history
–way of life is secondary
-historical facts are the basis and foundation of our faith
-great plain facts about what Jesus accomplished

2. Like a historian
-by the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit
–HS uses personalities, backgrounds, skills, educations,, of authors
-how the 1st century historian would write history with investigation, through research, literary conventions of his time.
–ex) a lot of names of places, people, times, governors, reigns…interviewing eyewitnesses(apostles)

3. verse 4
-writing to Christians
-so that we may have more certainty concerning things that we have been catechized
-for more assurance
-not only as a historian, but also as a theologian