If I were in the shoes of the Israeli during the time of 1 Kings, what would I have I thought? As I see all the bad kings and how they fail to worship one true God and fail to destroy all these evil places of worshiping other idols, what would have I thought? If I had true faith in one true God who had set up his covenant with Moses and continued to work in that covenantal setting with kings, I would say, when is the true King coming? When is the true Prophet coming? When is the true Priest coming? Kings fail so horribly that they worship Satan and his army, prophets are no exception because many of them die because of their disobedience to the word of God that came to them, and priests were probably helping people to pagan worship these idols. As some devout Israelites look at these total spiritual disaster and confusion, they would say “when O LORD, when is the true Anointed One is coming? You promised to raise up the Prophet by the word of Moses and you said it is to him we shall listen, but LORD look at this, this is a total mess, are you caring for us o Lord?” I would think and say like this, so frustrated at the current spiritual darkness. And as David knew, some people also would agree with David when he said all these sacrifices are not sufficient to truly redeem for my sins. These blood of animals are not enough to blot out this weighty, infinitely heavy sin committed against the infinite honor of God. They would probably notice how insufficient, how lacking these systems are to perfectly carry out its true function which is to reconcile their relationship with God and foster real deep relationship with God. And somebody would further go on to say that these things are point to the Messiah and all these things will be fulfilled in him and they would have faith in him who will come to save their sins by ‘becoming one of’ them and represent them. These things truly point to Christ.
이 판국을 지켜보는 이스라엘의 경건했던 유대인들은 얼마나 가슴이 아팠을까? 모세 오경에서 하나님께서 그들을 위해 하신 모든 일들을 기억하며 아브라함 한 사람으로부터 민족을 만들어 내사 이집트로부터 구원해주신 하나님이시고 광야 40년을 걸쳐 결국 약속의 땅으로 인도해주신 그 하나님이시며 계속되는 이스라엘의 반역과 죄악 가운데에서도 계속해서 자비와 은혜의 구원을 베풀어주신 하나님이신데 그 신실하신 하나님을 바라보고 자기 나라의 왕과 백성들을 바라보면서 얼마나 가슴이 아프고 슬프고 절망스러웠을까? 하나님의 약속을 바라보고 하나님이 결국 보내실 그 메시아를 바라보고 믿을 수 밖에 없지 않았을까? 다윗의 마음, 하나님을 진심으로 믿고 사랑하고자 노력했던 이들의 마음을 내가 이해할 수 있을까.. 그들은 지금 와서 예수님을 본다면 얼마나 많은 감사와 존경과 찬양의 눈물을 흘릴까. 그런 이스라엘 백성인데도 불구하고 그런 왕들과 제사장들과 선지자들이었음에도 불구하고 자기의 하나밖에 없는 아들을 보내사 땅 끝 민족까지 구원하시는 하나님을 보면서 얼마나 가슴이 감사로 벅차올라서 울 수 밖에 없지 않을까. 예수님이 하신일들이 도대체 무엇을 의미하는지 보면서 깨달으면서 얼마나 하나님을 찬양하였을까!