Intro to OT

Theology – science of God
What is the source of our knowledge of God?
The Bible is the primary source of our knowledge of God
-Jesus is the perfect declaration of God

-we learn about the nature of God
-The Bible teaches about God primarily in relationship to His people.

Biblical theology
-how the Bible teaches about God
–1. narrates the acts of God in history (God reveals in history, poetry)
story here: story-like history
—not as systematic theology or philosophical reflections
—to appeal to our whole personality,
(77% of the Bible is the OT/ 23% is the NT)

–2.Relationship metaphors and similes
God is a king who enters into a covenant with us
God is a warrior – army
God is a shepherd – sheep
God is a teacher – student
God is our Father and we are his children – parents/children
God is our bridegroom – marriage
God is our rock – protection

exegesis theology / biblical theology
biblical theology is built on exegesis theology(interpretations of individual passages)
and biblical theology informs systematic theology

Synoptic issues in the OT
(because we are to deal with history and theology because God reveals himself through might acts in space and time)

1.Samuel.Kings are one book and Chronicles depict the same history
-but the author of Samuel.Kings try to answer the question: Why are we in exile?
(exile period)
—through the prism of book of Deuteronomy: how did we measure up to keep the law? The law as a evaluative guide to the history of Israel
(4 laws: 1.the law of centralization in Deut.12 2. The law of prophet 13,18
3. The law of kingship 17 and the following, 4. curses of covenant 27,28)
-Chronicles(written during the post exile period) on the other hand: