4/9 2017 Lord’s day sermon review

There is a connection between God’s promise of the inheritance and Israel’s mission. What is it? God swore to give the Promised land to the people of Israel. However, Israel had to prepare itself and conquer the Canaanites. God’s free gift of inheritance in the Promised land became their life-long mission. Think about my life. What did God freely promise to me? God promises me eternal life in heaven and blessed fellowship with Him. God justified me on the virtue of Jesus’ death, life and resurrection. I’m so richly blessed with this spiritual blessing in Jesus Christ. Now that God has justified me, what should be my mission? My mission has to be what God has declared to me. God declared that I’m righteous. My goal in this life should be therefore sanctification. Furthermore, the reason God blesses me with so much is that I may share God’s blessing with other people. Look at pastor James. He is gifted with gift of teaching. He doesn’t keep it himself. Rather, he uses his gift diligently for edification of our church. Such should be my life, too. Whatever gift I have from God, whatever talents I have, I should use them diligently for serving God and serving neighbors.

From chapter 6 to chapter 12, weird thing happens. Seemingly contradictory thing happens. That is, even though God clearly goes before Israel to drive out the Canaanites, Israel fails to drive out some of the Canaanites. Why is this? This illustrates two realities of God’s sovereign rule over all creatures and our responsibility as free moral agents.

Jesus Christ is our true Bread from heaven, our Life and Resurrection. He earned for us all the spiritual blessings and inheritance. Actually, HE is our true Inheritance. He is the Living Water, Wisdom from God, our righteousness, sanctification and redemption.

God dispenses his gift according to his infinite wisdom and sovereignty. He remains equitable. He is not unfair when he gives more gift to one and less gift to another. God knows who we are and what we are capable of. God is in perfect control. And God sent his only Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that we can be made right with God and to live a perfect life of obedience so that we can be declared positively righteous.

Let me not forget that we are all equal in justification but may differ in degree when it comes to sanctification. In justification, it is God who does all the work. In sanctification, however, we become active participant and instrument of God in his work of renewing our image according to the image of Jesus Christ. I should work hard to be sanctified. I have to diligently use the means God appointed for my growth. My actions are not irrelevant. Rather, my actions are even necessary for sanctification. But there is no human boasting for even sanctification is the work of God’s free grace.