Who am I? I’m but a sophomore college boy. Isn’t pastor James so right? I’m young and I need wisdom. I lack maturity. Character formation is not achieved overnight. It is a long and painful process that requires suffering and patience. However, what I know is that God has my life in his control. Everything is happening even right at this moment according to God’s eternal decree and omnipotence. He works everything for good of my soul and that is to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. O Lord, it will take my whole life. This sanctification will never end until I die. Therefore, I shall not be content or complacent thinking “this is enough.” Rather, I shall strive daily until I breathe the last breath. Lord, I need your help and wisdom and guidance and power. I lack desire, sincerity, patience and courage. Strengthen me through your Word and your Spirit within me. O Holy Spirit, grant me more enabling grace so that I may love you and my neighbors in my word, thought and deed. Small steps. Step by step with definite and specific purpose or goal in mind. What a blessing to live with Caleb. So much to learn from him. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.