People raise a lot of criticisms against each other. However, what kind of criticisms can we ignore or accept?

When the criticism is based on firm understand of what I say, and also based on concrete reasons that are logical, we should respond to the criticism. However, many times, people cannot articulate what we claim in their own words and go on to judge what we say. This kind of criticism is devoid of understanding. This sort of criticism can be ignored.

“Where understanding is not present, affirmations and denials are equally meaningless and unintelligible. Nor is a position of doubt or detachment any more intelligent in a reader who does not know what he is suspending judgment about.”

I can apply this to many things. Don’t I get easily upset and disturbed by other people’s criticisms and judgments? I hurriedly accept their criticism without asking whether they truly understand my action, thought or words. Sound criticism should be based on firm understanding of my position and beliefs. Think about the sentence: “I don’t know what you mean but I think you are wrong” Does this deserve my attention? The answer is no. Why? Because they have no understanding whatsoever concerning my way. Even my way of life. Also let me apply this to myself. I make hasty judgment or criticism of others before I fully understand their word and deed. If I cannot truly understand and articulate in my own words what they are doing and why they are doing it, let me not make any judgment on them.

Even when I read something especially that of unbelievers and secular philosophers, I approach with bias that they will not be profitable to me because they are sinners who do not know God. However, before disagreeing with them, even before having doubt against them, I should be able to understand what they say to be able to really criticize them. A few days ago, I told Caleb that philosophy seems to be meaningless. However, do I truly understand what hellenistic philosophers have to say? If not, let me not make haste judgment and keep taking the course.

The purpose of communication, according to the linguistics textbook, is to share information concerning how the world is, so that we can make a rational choice based on the information. It may not be its ultimate purpose but one of the fundamental purpose of language is to share true knowledge regarding the world and influence our beliefs and positions so that we make better choice. How can we make good choice when the basis or grounds that we base our good choice is incomplete and insufficient. How can I choose my major well, when I do not understand myself and the world around me enough? Also, how can I make judgment on others when even I only understand one book completely only in its relation with other books by the same author? I cannot but be unwise regarding my choice and decision because of my lack of experience and firm understanding of how the world works. So, research is really important!!