Quotes from “Just do something”

“It’s no wonder we expect people to affirm us for everything, criticize us for nothing, and pay us for anything we want to do. We figure we should be able to find a great job right out of college in a great location that provides the same standard of living our parents have now…”

“It would be a good exercise to ask your grandparents sometimes if they felt fulfilled in their careers. They’ll probably look at you as if you’re speaking a different language, because you are. Fulfillment was not their goal. Food was, and faithfulness too. Most older folks would probably say something like, “I never thought about fulfillment. I had a job. I ate. I lived. I raised my family. I went to church. I was thankful.”

The conclusion of this book is that there are two kinds of God’s will: God’s secret will (God’s eternal decree from big picture to most minute details) and God’s revealed will (God’s moral will of how we ought to live). As Christians, we should try to obey God’s moral will, fully trusting in his decree and providence. We tend to expect heaven on earth but we should never forget that we are pilgrims on our way toward true heaven.