• 4 stages of the state of exaltation
    • Resurrection
    • Ascension
    • Session at the right hand of God
    • Physical return
  • Resurrection
    • Not merely a reunion of body and soul
    • But both body and soul raised to perfection
      • Incorruptible body of believers
      • Glorious
      • Powerful
      • Spiritual
        • perfect instrument of a spirit

Okay, why is the doctrine of the resurrection of Christ important? What is its importance? We have to keep in mind that it was the seal and declaration of God that Christ conquered the last enemy and paid the penalty of the law and merited the eternal life. His resurrection constitutes one of the important stage of the work of redemption and we, too, like Christ, will resurrect. This is based on Christ’s resurrection.

Then what about the ascension? Christ had offered perfect, blameless sacrifice to God and now God accepted His Mediatorial work as sufficient and Jesus had to go before God as our eternal Priest.

‘Session’ = a meeting of a deliberative or judicial body to conduct its business.

주님께서는 지금 무엇을 하고 계실까?

As a prophet, priest and king, our Lord is ruling and protecting His Church. And the prophets during the Old Testament was God’s covenant lawyers. As such, they accused Israel for breaking covenant with God. As the Priest, Jesus Christ offered Himself as an atoning sacrifice, as a pleasing aroma to God and propitiated God’s righteous wrath against us. His intercession, therefore, is not just supplications but legitimate claims advocating our righteous standing before God on the basis of His own work. And our Lord will come again for the second time to establish His kingdom on earth.