The conquest of Canaan shows that, when the day of God’s Final Judgment arrives, the time of God’s mercy will be over. God will show no mercy at all and the full wrath of God, which sinners truly deserve, will be unleashed, for the second time. The first time was when Jesus died, when Jesus underwent the full wrath of God against the sins of God’s elect. Even though Jesus absorbed it with His infinite being, it still shook the earth with its impact! What Jesus endured on the cross was the essence and fullness of hell. Hell is not where there is no God: hell is where God is present, only in His wrath as a consuming fire! On the Day of Judgment, all hell will break loose and no mercy will be shown and no one will be spared, from the greatest of sinners to the least of them. For the wages of sin is death, eternal death! If sin is an offense against God’s infinite honor, there is no sin that is so small that it doesn’t deserve eternal damnation in hell.