Meaning and truth

Whether the sentence is true of false depends on two things: what the sentence means and how things are in the extra-linguistic world. For example, the sentence “God exists” can be true when it means that God is there and when God really does exist. This intimate relationship between the truth and the meaning implies that a natural language is primarily informative.

Choosy mothers chose Jiff means
that choosy mothers chose Jiff.
Choosy mothers chose Jiff.

Choosy mothers chose Jiff is true.

We can learn about things about the world through language and through sentences we can learn things about sentences through the world.

This is very interesting as I start to really think about it. Is by means of language that I communicate with other people. What we try to mean, we mean by what we say. We can also communicate what we believe and affirm by how we live. But when it comes to semantics, it is through language that we express our ideas and beliefs and information. Also, how is information stored in our mind? Through forms of language whether it’s verbal, formal, or whatever.

What does Jesus mean? The word “Jesus” refers to the historical figure that lived in 2000 years ago in Nazareth, Judea. It refers to Jesus as recorded in gospel who lived, suffered, died and resurrected for the catholic church. When I say “I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior,” it does not mean I believe in certain kind of ideas or concepts or emotions called Jesus. Rather, it means I place my trust in this historical figure who exists as God-man who accomplished salvation for all the elects of God. When I say I believe in him, that means I place my trust in this really-existing person who is seated at the right hand of God right now and intercedes for his church.

What does the gospel mean? First of all, it is good news. What is the good news about? What does it refer to? What is the content of message of it that it tries to communicate? It is what Jesus has done in space and time. It is a story of God who promises eternal life to everyone who places their trust in Jesus Christ.