11/20/2016-Lord’s day

Lord, it’s been really long time that I felt this kind of feeling again. I’m really not sure how to describe this emotion. I think it’s a result of having a community of people where I can be comfortable. Lord, help me not to make an idol out of it but enjoy it in you. Let me always lift my eyes of faith up to heaven where you dwell. Lord, I pray that your will be done. Your purpose would be accomplished. I pray that I may be conformed to your very image and sanctified that I may find more joy in you. Lord, thank you so much for allowing me to become a part of this community of yours and have fellowship with your people. Even though we are all sinners, we are bound together by the blood of thy precious Son, Jesus Christ. We indeed owe everything to you beginning from what we are to what we ever hope to be. Father, would you bless us so that we may become men and women of faith, firmly grounded on your teaching. So that we can continue in this relationship with you oh God, and always make most out of you. Amidst of all these happy and blessed moments, would you guide our affection to you so that through the gifts we may enjoy more of the giver? Lord, this people are your people. And you are truly our God. You committed yourself to us by the covenant of grace where you promised to become our God through the mediator Jesus Christ. Let us, O God, be filled with joy, comfort, peace, freedom, love and hope through understanding the knowledge of your will and glorious heavenly reality. Let us be filled with your Holy Spirit and let our communion be Christ-centered and Christ-exalting. Lord, we give thanks to you on this very Lord’s day where we celebrate thanksgiving day.